Study Abroad in Italy

Each year, a select group of students enrolled in our culinary arts and baking & pastry programs participate in our Study Abroad program in Italy. The eight-week program builds upon the skills and knowledge the students have gained through their intensive training at CINY. The students are fully immersed in Italian culture and cuisine, learning the country’s language and history in addition to classic Italian recipes and cooking techniques. As they travel to different cities, the students learn about Italy’s regional cuisines, including the history and origins of local specialties.

From day one, students get to work in authentic Italian professional kitchens, learning classic recipes from experienced chefs. Students learn to prepare a wide array of dishes, from fresh pastas and sauces to pastries and desserts, all from scratch and using fresh, local ingredients. They are also introduced to regional cheeses and cured meats to gain a full understanding of the country’s cuisine, and take day trips to olive growers to learn more about the varieties of olives and olive oil.

Great culinarians must also be wine experts, knowing how to pair specific wines to meet the aromatic notes of each dish they prepare. Students are introduced to the wines of each region through kitchen instruction and by taking day trips to local wineries, where they learn about each step in the winemaking process.

As part of their cultural immersion, students also take day trips to some of Italy’s most important historical sites. Student are encouraged to explore the country’s incredible cultural heritage on their own, as many historical sites are easily accessible by public transportation.


In order to apply to our study abroad program, students must have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher and demonstrate professionalism in all interactions with faculty and other students. Applicants must submit a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation and a 500 word essay of their goals in attending the program, participate in a cooking demonstration and tasting, and sit for an interview with the selection committee. As part of the study abroad program, students also complete up to 9 credits of their academic semester through online learning.