Graduate Degrees

Master of Science Degree in Hospitality Management (MSHM)

CINY’s Master of Science in Hospitality Management (MSHM) program is an accelerated one-year program administered through Monroe College’s King Graduate School (KGS) that prepares students for leadership positions in several areas of hospitality, including hotels and resorts, convention services, tourism boards and real estate development. The program also attracts those seeking to start their own business or those who wish to switch careers from hospitality to academia.

Conducted primarily online, the MSHM program involves two-week residencies at the beginning and end of the program that allow students to build relationships, share information and gain valuable real-world experience. Students will reside in New Rochelle, just a 30-minute train ride from midtown Manhattan, during their two-week residencies.

Please note that CINY has partnered with Careers through Culinary Arts Programs (C-cap) and proudly offers its alumni a 20 percent tuition discount.

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Foundation Courses

New students may be required to take additional foundation courses that were not completed during their undergraduate studies in hospitality. These courses are offered either online or on campus. The campus classes are offered during a weekend, either before the semester begins or early in the semester. Admissions counselors advise students on which classes they may be required to take. There is a separate tuition for foundation classes.

Foundation classes associated with the Master of Science Degree in Hospitality Management include:

KG 580 - Foundations Graduate Research and Critical Analysis (1)

This interdisciplinary foundation course is required for all students enrolled in the King Graduate School (KGS). Graduate study on the master’s level demands specialized research, writing and time management skills; therefore, the objective of this seminar is to help students strengthen skills in academic writing and develop a thorough understanding of the research process. The following topics and concepts are covered: the writing process; the thesis statement; appropriate organization of written work; finding, selecting, reading, and evaluating scholarly sources; use of APA style for citations and bibliography; and discovering, narrowing and focusing a research topic. To further understand the process of conducting primary/original research, students participate in a group primary research activity. No prerequisites are required.

Professional Experience Track

Monroe College’s King Graduate School (KGS) offers a Professional Experience Track for students enrolled in a KGS program who need additional professional work experience to supplement their academic program.

Enrollment in this track is made at the discretion of the admissions committee and/or Dean of the King Graduate School and is based on a review of the student’s work experience. Students may pursue this track and a concentration of their choice.

Students in the Professional Experience Track are required to enroll in and complete at least two 1-credit internship courses beginning within the first two semesters of graduate study. The Dean of the King Graduate School and the Office of Career Services must approve each internship opportunity to determine if it is an appropriate match for the student’s academic program.

Professional Experience Track 1-credit internship courses include: KG-698, KG-690, KG-691, KG-692, KG-693, KG-694, KG-695, KG-696, and KG-697.

Internship Courses

KG 689 - 697 - Internship I - Internship VIIII(1)

This internship course provides students with an opportunity to combine academic study with valuable industry experience in their desired career track. Students enrolled in this internship course work in an approved industry setting under the mentorship of a faculty member. Students apply theory to practice, gain managerial experience, enhance their resumes, clarify career goal and make contact with potential employers.